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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thargo Thunderbox - Red Nomad Oz

The Thargo Thunderbox
Only in OZ – The Thargo Thunderbox!

So what's your favourite euphemism for 'toilet'? Conveniences, amenities, lavatory, can, john, privy, loo, bathroom, washroom – hang on, WASH-room? Is it just me, or is this just wrong??

But I digress.

I'm sure there's a personality test in there somewhere.

Australia's unique position in the public toilet pantheon includes our own super-special, purpose-built slang terminology. Want to 'visit the bathroom', 'have a tinkle' or 'take a dump' downunder here in OZ? Throw away your phrasebook and just say 'Where's the dunny, mate?'

But all these terms pale into insignificance compared to the far more evocative 'Thunderbox'! Come on, admit it! You've got a pretty disturbing mental image now, haven't you?!

The people of Western Queensland's Thargomindah have taken this euphemism to a world class level with their OZ-ified alliterative triumph – the Thargo Thunderbox!

This epitome of an outback dunny, on display in Thargomindah's main street in the old works depot even looks like what you'd imagine a dinky-di Aussie Thunderbox to look like! Perhaps it's the corrugated iron – favoured outback building material – or maybe it's the setting. Or maybe it's just me.

But whether or not the Thargo Thunderbox is open for public use is debatable. I think it depends how many beers you've had at the pub.

I think I'll wait for someone else to let me know!!

Happy travels!!

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Mark Benson said...

This sure is something noticeable after you land in Australia by a flight to Melbourne for your spending your time off. All in all it is a convenience when you have had much to drink.

Emna Sophia said...

this is public toilet i used this one type one i am Australia for my higher study the condition of this thargo thunder box is very bad and this is very harmful for jerms and after that i send q notice for management to clean this shit peace .