Hearty Welcomes & Salutations! Originally an action-packed travel blog from a globe-trotting Scotsman, An Ache for the Distance has, over the years, slowed down (I post less often), mellowed out (domestic life has found it's way way on here) and become more of an expat/photo blog. Take a look around, leave a comment and share the love if you like something.
Stuart Mathieson, Lübeck, Germany

Posts by Region

  1. Lago di Fiastra, a Hidden Gem in Central Italy
  2. Coffee with a View - Rome
  3. Lago di Pilato Hike
  4. Mischa's First Birthday (Puppy Photo)
  5. Sunflower Seed Mystery, Le Marche
  6. Mischa, Sibillini National Park, Le Marche (Photo)
  7. Mischa on YouTube (Puppy Video)
  8. Disconnected No More
  9. Duomo di Milano (Photo)
  10. Summer 2011 Italy (Photos)
  11. An Italian Insight
  12. Angry Butterflies For Two Please (Cuisine Lingo)
  13. Italian from a Scottish perspective - Scotto
  14. Italian from a Scottish perspective - Fango
  15. Italian from a Scottish perspective - Gola
  16. Daytripping in Liguria
  17. Imparo l'Italiano (Monty Python video)
  18. The Simple Pleasures (in Lecco)
  19. Classy Italia (beer culture)
  20. Mock the Week (on Berlusconi)
  21. New Beginnings (Benvenuto)

  1. Fort Kochi Sunset (Photo)
  2. Taj Mahal (Photo)
  3. Kwality Ice Cream, Delhi (Photo)
  4. Chicken Mahraja Mac (Photo)
  5. A Taste of India (Animoto)
  6. Mumbai Taxi (Photo)
  7. Faces of India (Photography)
  8. Sleeping Indians...
  9. Indian English
  10. Warning - Travelling (in India) Can Damage your Health
  11. The Return to Delhi (Photography)
  12. Andaman Islands
  13. A Recipe from Goa (Backpacking Lifestyle)
  14. Indian Railways: Squatty Potties
  15. Across the Plains (Varanasi to Mumbai)
  16. Holy Shit - Varanasi (Photo)
  17. Varanasi
  18. Holy Fella - Varanasi (Photo)
  19. The Transition (Flashpackers no more)
  20. The Thar Desert
  21. Vodsky in the Sticks (Ranakpur)
  22. A Beer in the Thar Desert (Photo)
  23. Pushkar
  24. Agra to Jaipur
  25. Bollywood Experience (Jaipur Cinema)
  26. Delhi to Agra
  27. Delhi - The Beginning
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