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Stuart Mathieson, Lübeck, Germany

Monday, 31 October 2011

Summer 2011 Italy

Another summer draws to an end and all that's left is a fading tan and a collection of photographs.  These are some of my favourites taken in Northern Italy & Switzerland.  Long live flip flops...

Sunset from my balcony, Como-shire Italy

The town by night (another balcony shot)
The road to Splügen in Switzerland
Camping in Chianti - Tuscany
Maneuvering Sam through the streets of Siena - Tuscany
Admiring the lean
Lake Como on the Lecco side
Sunset over the Ligurian Autostrada
Summer snow on the Swiss Alps
Cooling off in Lake Como
La Dolce Vita


gone to the beach said...

Hello, nice to hear from you...Long time no see...Great photos!!!There is such of beautiful places...thanks for sharing this experience with us.

Red Nomad OZ said...

And summer downunder is just about to start!! Lucky me!!

Love that sunset from the balcony pic - magnificent!!