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Stuart Mathieson, Lübeck, Germany

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Disconnected No More

Is this your car?
Three different internet providers, hours of automated telephone systems and a total of 15 weeks later, a home internet connection is once again established.

Since moving to central Italy from the North, winter came and went over a period of about 5/6 weeks and although the word weeks is preferable to months, the severity of the short winter is well worth keeping in mind.  A freak Siberian blizzard swept through the leg of Italy, leaving enough snow to build an Eskimo version of Rome, and at exactly the same time we moved into a large unfurnished house which was designed to be as cool as possible for the long, hot summers.

A large IKEA bookcase was sacrificed in the fireplace and the only place we wore less than three layers was in the bath. Even the dogs had a tough time...
Sam doing his best to keep warm

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