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Stuart Mathieson, Lübeck, Germany

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hamburg - Alstervergnügen

Among the many festivals and events taking place each year in Hamburg, one of the finest in the sausage and beer category is the Alstervergnügen. Lining the banks of Hamburg's Binnenalster, bratwurst, currywurst, beer & schnapps are proffered to strolling Germans & camera wielding Japanese tourists.

From An Ache For The Distance

From An Ache For The Distance
Sausagey Times

From An Ache For The Distance
Lekker Schmekker

From An Ache For The Distance
Barbeque der Snags

Aside from the cliches, various other options from chips to chorizo are available to help expand the waistline a tad further and sugary treats abound on every corner. Even the fruit on offer, normally well meaning, is a glazed/chocolate covered dentist's nightmare.

From An Ache For The Distance
Glazed Grapes?

Still, at least you can tell you're dentist that the weight you gained and the teeth you lost was in pleasant surroundings...

From An Ache For The Distance
Hamburg Rathaus on the Binnenalster

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